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  • גוף פיברגלס קשיח

  • בידוני היפלון איכותיים

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FOR WORK – Older brother of Coaster 315, larger and more spacious, can accommodate up to 2 more people. Perfect for working. Thanks to its anti-slip  floor with stern water draining, this small dinghy can be fully customized.

FOR FISHING – Ideal for fishing and diving alone or with friends. Leave it anchored and dive into the blue sea while he will wait for you to bring you safe back home.

AS A TENDER – Small and compact, it is suitable as a tender boat. Built with composite materials such as neoprene and fiberglass, it will be 4 times stronger than a PVC boat providing a greater support and navigability for your movements.

אורך 3.16 מ׳
רוחב 1.67 מ׳
משקל 80 ק״ג
מנוע עד 36 כ״ס
מס׳ נוסעים עד 5 נוסעים
קוטר בידונים 45 ס״מ
לחץ בידונים 30psi
תאי ציפה נפרדים 6
מיכל דלק
מיכל מים
תאי איחסון 1
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