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FOR LEISURE – Great for a day at the beach with family and friends. Its manageable size and its comfortable spaces, facilitate all movement. Easy to moor, it has enough space to store various recreational objects like fins and masks or inflatables. Thanks to the safety of its dinette, the space in the cockpit and a comfortable and safe area to ascent at the stern, this boat is optimal for navigation even with the little ones.

FOR RENTING – The Coaster 600 is a “worry-free” boat. The lateral passage on the left ensures a useful and fast way to go from bow to stern, move freely and facilitate the mooring operations while maintaining a safe environment for children thanks to the height of safety of the tubes and handrails placed in strategic points . It can be rented to customers without a nautical license considering that it does not require the installation of large powers and is easy to handle even for the most inexperienced.

AS A TENDER – Small and handy to lift with a crane or to tow. The Coaster 600 is ideal for transporting up to 10 people. On the Coaster 600 water splashes are not a problem to worry about and like all Joker Boats it is customisable both in terms of livery and accessories on board to give it more style and satisfy any taste.

אורך 6.03 מ׳
רוחב 2.50 מ׳
משקל 480 ק״ג
מנוע עד 160 כ״ס
מס׳ נוסעים עד 10 נוסעים
קוטר בידונים 58 ס״מ
לחץ בידונים 30psi
תאי ציפה נפרדים 6
מיכל דלק
מיכל מים
תאי איחסון 6
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