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FOR WORK – Thanks to its small size, an excellent hull and its weight / length ratio, the Coaster 420 is the best for passengers and divers transport and marina management.  The high quality manufacture of tubes and solid fenders, makes this model the best working boat you could have ever imagined.

FOR LEISURE – The Coaster 420 is a perfect entry level to practice and then move to something more important. With an additional  cooler box , a backrest and a console, you will get a small boat perfect to reach your favorite cove.

AS A TENDER – The Coaster 420 is a very flexible model, perfect  also as a tender for any boat looking for an easy and long life rhib. On board it can accommodate up to 4/5 people; with manual engine or with console and steering , it turns into a fast, light and spectacular tender!

אורך 4.08 מ׳
רוחב 1.82 מ׳
משקל 100 ק״ג
מנוע עד 50 כ״ס
מס׳ נוסעים עד 6 נוסעים
קוטר בידונים 48 ס״מ
לחץ בידונים 30psi
תאי ציפה נפרדים 6
מיכל דלק
מיכל מים
תאי איחסון 4
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