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WIDE 520


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FOR LEISURE – The Wide 520 is an optimal pleasure boat. It offers space, comfort, ease of navigation and can carry up to 8 people. The huge lockers at the bow and stern provide all the necessary space to stow loads of objects necessary for your day at sea.

FOR RENTING -Thanks to its wide spaces, the Wide 520 is an optimal boat also for renting. The Wide 520 can boast of being the only boat of this size to have the largest spaces and the largest width of the existing models on the market. This makes it a boat suitable for renting and an investment that will pay back in no time. A bimini can be installed to cover almost the entire hull. Finally, the possibility of installing an engine with few HP, widens the interested customers and rendering it optimal for even the most inexperienced individuals.

אורך 5.2 מ׳
רוחב 2.58 מ׳
משקל 500 ק״ג
מנוע עד 130 כ״ס
מס׳ נוסעים עד 8 נוסעים
קוטר בידונים 55/40 ס״מ
לחץ בידונים 35psi
תאי ציפה נפרדים 4
מיכל דלק
מיכל מים
תאי איחסון 8
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