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  • גוף פלסטיק עמיד לאורך שנים

  • סיפון מרווח ונוח לעבודה

  • שטח איחסון ענק לציוד

  • פשוטה לתפעול ותחזוקה

  • אפשרות לקונסולה מרכזית או צדדית

  In addition to all advantages like speed, strength, stability, maneuverability – we added features necessary to carry out an immediate rescue actions. Thanks to its light weight, it can be easily hand-carried by the team outside the water – it allows to reach any place.

KONTRA 400R has a special pocket for a full-size orthopedic board, a place for R1 rescue kit, three removable side storage lockers, a bow locker, stern ladder, a rescue buoy and a lifebuoy handle.

A perfectly designed space – much more space on the deck than in traditional pontoons – makes it possible to operate on board safely and comfortable with a three-person rescue team as well as leaves a lot of free space for additional equipment. Especially shaped boat side makes it easy to take out the rescued person from the water. Special fixings stabilizing the orthopedic board make it possible to carry out a resuscitation operation even when the boat is moving.

Additional equipment includes: two folded bow cleats, boathook handle, paddles holders, rescue buoy and a lifebuoy. KONTRA 400R has additional stern floats that improve the longitudinal stability of the boat, and thanks to a special ladder it is easier to get into the boat straight from the water.

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